Housing Design: Understanding Needs vs. Price

We offer many different options and variations from two storey homes to bungalows to bi-level homes, there are many options with many variations. You need to think about something that will fit both the categories of price and need. 

To help you figure out what variation suits you and your family, we’ve put together some common features and price notes for the housing designs we offer. 

Two Storey


Least cost per square foot as you can have the smallest footprint by stacking the building. It is the most cost effective way to maximize square footage. With a two storey you’re working vertically, whereas in a bungalow you are running plumbing lines across the entire first level. You’re able to have a smaller footprint and build up, or down, meaning there would be more flexibility to have a less expensive lot. 


This design suits people with families as you can have sleeping quarters upstairs allowing them to be more quiet and private. Laundry would normally be upstairs with the bedrooms, with the possibility to have a bonus room over the garage, which is likely a cheap space. As the house is stacked, you’re able to build on a smaller and narrower lot to maximise your yard space. 

You can find more details on our two storey builds here



Most costly per square foot because you immediately double your square footage and require more concrete and more roof spread over the lot. 


Bungalow is a great house for people who want to age in their home, people with disabilities, or people who don’t want stairs. Everything is on the main level. Most people who gravitate to a bungalow have older kids that live downstairs, or people who are aging.

You can find more details on our bungalow builds here.



Mid-range costs. Sits out of the ground, so you only have to build down four feet. You enter on ground level, then you would have seven stairs up or seven stairs down immediately. You’re able to utilize over the garage as a bonus space too, which means more utility out of the stacking space, but less than a two storey. 


Isn’t as big family friendly, however basement is only four feet into the ground, which means it is light, bright and very user friendly. You’re above grade for your windows (at ground level) meaning no window wells. Bi-Levels have a common entrance, rather than a mudroom or pantry entrance. 

You can find more details on our bi-level builds here

Don’t be afraid to give us a call, and we can answer any questions you may have!

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